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Tip Top Crop was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the cleanest and highest quality cannabis. All of Tip Top Crop flower is grown in a world-class, custom-designed facility in Hazel Park, Michigan. Designed with the plants in mind, the facility is optimized like few others, with top-tier equipment, including LED lighting and an automated fertilization system.


We have a passion for the best genetics, and have collected our more than 40 strains from germinated seed varieties and verified clones from top breeders.

The Founding Team

Tip Top Crop was founded by Chris and Zack who were brought together by their passion for quality cannabis.  Both liked finding new strains, tasting different flavors, nerding out on grow techniques, and sharing that high quality product with the public.  Eventually, their friendship blossomed into a brand that would be focused on curating a unique, rotating menu for the Michigan market.  Tip Top Crop is built on passion for the plant and a constant pursuit of the best cannabis strains in the world.  

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